The Municipal Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transsexuals and Intersexuals Council (MLGBTIC) is an advisory and sectoral participatory body established on 22 July 2004, for the purposes of fostering equal rights, freedom and social recognition of LGBTI people. This was the first time that a municipal government equipped itself with a participatory council intended for the area of sexual and gender diversity.

As explained by the Municipal Plan for Sexual and Gender Diversity for 2016-2020, the groups and entities championing the rights of LGBTI people have been and continue to be key to Barcelona’s development as an open, proud city that respects sexual and gender diversity. Their involvement is therefore essential in designing, implementing and evaluating public policies. The MLGBTIC is therefore a crucial space.

The MLGBTIC works to increase the representation and heterogeneity of people and social groups making up the LGBTI cluster and reach in particular those LGBTI sectors left outside the established mechanisms.

The Municipal LGBTI Council’s goals are to:

  • Study, issue reports and draft proposals on issues it considers to be of interest to the associations and other Council and municipal players, so as to facilitate these changes and bring about a more civic and structured city through its citizens’ contributions.
  • Contribute to and boost coordination between the institutions involved in all this, as well as push ahead with coordination and collaboration between entities, citizen associations, professional sectors and municipal representatives.
  • Learn about and debate the municipal initiatives that are helping to promote contributions from lesbians, gays and transsexual men and women in every sphere (social, cultural, political, etc.) and specifically assist transsexual men and women, lesbians and gays suffering serious problems.
  • Be the consultative body in processes for drafting byelaws that affect lesbians, gays and transsexual men and women, not just during periods of express public information but also during the drafting work itself.
  • Analyse the situation the city finds itself in with respect to lesbians, gays and transsexuals and the initiatives that are being carried out here, as well as propose and promote initiatives relating to the studies and analyses which result from the realities that are detected.

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