The MLGBTIC is organised and run according to the Rules Governing Citizen Participation, under Articles 59 and 60 of the Catalan Municipal and Local Government Regulations Act and Articles 8, 30 ff of the Barcelona Charter, as well as its own internal Operational Regulations. The MLGBTIC's bodies include the Chair, Deputy Chair, Full Council, Standing Committee, working groups and Secretary.
  • The position of Chair falls to the Mayor, who can delegate this responsibility to a City Councillor, whereas the position of Deputy Chair falls to a member chosen from among the representatives of the associations making up the Council.
  • The Full Council is the highest representational body It meets at least twice a year and chooses its representatives to the City Participation Council and the Deputy Chair’s Office, at the same time as it decides on the possibility of setting up specific working groups, depending on the issues that have to be dealt with.
  • The Standing Committee is the Council’s ongoing body. It meets twice a month and is tasked with debating, issuing reports, studying issues that arise and making proposals on its own initiative or that of the Full Council itself.
  • The MLGBTIC has a Secretariat that provides technical and administrative support to ensure organising and running the Council is sustainable.