Representatives from each of the LGBTI associations in Barcelona, as well as representatives of the municipal corporation’s political party groups, business sector associations, public authorities and other institutions, university experts noted for their personal careers and their knowledge in matters of interest to this Council and in other related areas.

It is also made up of representatives from political parties and unions that have set up a specific committee to work on LGBTI issues and, finally, the municipal staff involved in the Council's goals and priority content.

Chair: Laura Pérez Castaño.Deputy Mayor's Office of Social Rights, Global Justice, Feminism and LGTBI Affairs
Association Deputy Chair: Rodrigo Araneda Villasante (ACATHI)
Secretary: Meritxell Sàez Sellarès. Expert at the Department of Feminism and LGBTI Affairs

Do you want to be part of the CMLGTBI?

Organisations interested in joining the CMLGTBI will have to submit their application in writing to the Council’s Secretariat. You will find instructions for making applications and the corresponding files in the Further Information section.

The requirements are that:

  • They work in the LGBTI sphere.
  • Their area of action is Barcelona.
  • They have the backing of one of the city’s LGBTI entities.
  • Candidate entities be presented to the MLGBTIC and, once approved, will become full members.
  • Applications for joining the Council may be submitted throughout the term of office; they will be periodically assessed for admission as stipulated under the Council's internal agreements.
  • The Barcelona MLGBTIC has a set of internal organisation rules specifying the practical regulatory processes for running it.  These rules are expected to be revised and updated over the coming months, based on the internal work that will be carried out with the MLGBTIC's entities in line with the Rules Governing Municipal Participation which are in the process of receiving final approval.

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  • Grup Municipal ERC
  • Grup Municipal PSC
  • Grup Municipal Junts per Catalunya
  • ​Grup Municipal Ciutadans
  • Grup Municipal PP
  • Grup Municipal Valents
  • CCOO Barcelonès
  • Eje de Género y Diversidad Sexual de Barcelona en Comú
  • ERC, Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya
  • EUiA, Área de Libertades de Expresión Afectivo-sexual
  • Iniciativa per Catalunya Verds
  • JERC, Joventuts d'Esquerra Republicana
  • JEV, Joves Esquerra Verda
  • JNC, Joventut Nacionalista de Catalunya
  • JSC, Joventut Socialista de Catalunya
  • PSC, Partit dels Socialistes de Catalunya      
  • UGT, General Union of Workers
  • Barcelona City Council Public Health Agency
  • Area for Equal Treatment and Non-Discrimination of LGBT People, Catalan Government Directorate-General for Equality
  • Barcelona City Council Youth Department
  • Barcelona City Council Department of Feminism and LGBTI Affairs
  • Barcelona City Council Department for the Promotion of Women's and LGBTI Rights