Actions aimed at reducing the impact on the time of citizens who are attended in person at the offices.

By incorporating questions in the surveys addressed to citizens to assess the impact on the time of the City Council's citizen service procedures, the aim is to reduce the number of face-to-face services that can be done online, so that these are the essential ones and more time can be devoted to them. It also aims to reduce the complexity of online procedures, and promote the operation of the OAC by implementing the new service l'OAC TE LLAMA.

First of all, it is necessary to incorporate questions/issues of interest in the surveys carried out by the management (for example, whether the time spent on a procedure is for personal or work use). Subsequently, it is necessary to apply a contrasted methodology in order to assess its impact. The impact needs to be addressed to time use and also to schedules (because of its impact in terms of health and work-life balance). 

Last updated on: March 2024

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