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A handbook for incorporating intercultural perspectives into communication

Interculturality. The new resource includes recommendations on how to use language inclusively and bring visibility to the diversity found in Barcelona.

A presentation of the new ‘Handbook of communication with intercultural perspectives’, a resource published by the City Council offering advice on how to use language inclusively, promote recognition of and bring visibility to the great diversity found in Barcelona and avoid expressions that come from ethnocentrism and racism.

Language creates imageries of society and reality that may often be unrepresentative of, prove offensive to and invisibilise part of the population. Customs and ignorance are some of the factors that contribute to this. Changing a language to one that incorporates intercultural perspectives, then, helps to change these imageries as well, thereby boosting the creation of meeting spaces and the fight against racism, discrimination and exclusion.

The Handbook of communication with intercultural perspectives suggests we change well-worn expressions which stem from ethnic or racial prejudices or reinforce stereotypes of heterogeneous communities and replace such expressions with others that are inclusive and respectful towards diversity. The handbook also helps with sorting out the mess that can sometimes arise with terminologies, inviting us to keep a critical eye on advertising or television products or information promoted through networks and which may contain messages that spread hate or spark fear. The guide includes, what’s more, a glossary for clearing up any queries.

This resource was coordinated by the Area of Interculturality and Religious Pluralism, and joins the Handbook of non-sexist use of language and the Handbook of inclusive communication.

Barcelona holds its first Interculturality Conference (2022)

The Handbook of communication with intercultural perspectives will be presented during the 2022 Barcelona Interculturality Conference, taking place on 10 and 11 November at the El Born Centre de Cultura i Memòria and inviting critical and constructive reflection on 12 years of intercultural policies in the city and on what needs to be improved and achieved in the future.