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New protocol to combat LGBTI-phobia

LGBTI. The Office for Non-Discrimination, the LGBTI Centre and the Observatory Against Homophobia are coordinating a new action protocol.

A new protocol was presented to coincide with the International Day Against LGBTI-phobia, designed to address cases discrimination or violence against LGBTI people on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

The new protocol strengthens the tools to combat LGBTI-phobia in the city, furthering collaboration between the different services and entities linked to the defence of LGBTI people. The document sets out mechanisms for care, support, analysis and advice so that individuals who suffer LGBTI-phobic discrimination and aggression in Barcelona can overcome them, repairing any personal, work-related, family or social harm suffered.

The protocol is the result of networking between the Office for Non-Discrimination (OND), the Barcelona LGBTI Centre and the Observatory Against Homophobia (OCH), the three entities which will initially make up the coordinating board for monitoring cases of LGBTI-phobia and inviting other active organisations to take part, help detect cases and provide care and support for LGBTI people. The coordinating board will help make all mechanisms accessible to people who suffer LGBTI-phobia, facilitating denouncements (criminal or administrative) and access to other psycho-social tools, support, education and intermediation.

If any of the municipal services or organisations detects or knows of a case of aggression, the following procedure should be followed:

  • Of the case represents a high-risk or urgent situation, the relevant urgent resources will be activated, particularly relating to healthcare. The intervention of security services may also be required, such as the City Police and the Mossos d’Esquadra (Catalan police), and social services, such as the Barcelona Social Emergencies Centre (CUESB).
  • In all cases, and in keeping with the wishes of the affected person at all times, specific care will be provided to help assess which protocol resources need to be activated in each particular situation.

What is the Office for Non-Discrimination (OND)?

The OND is the main municipal service for handling cases of discrimination, including LGBTI-phobia, and functions in collaboration with services and civil service organisations which are involved. It offers legal advice, socio-educational support and, when necessary, mediation. In 2019 the OND opened a total of 228 cases relating to discrimination, of which 22% were related to LGBTI-phobia.

What is the LGBTI Centre?

The Barcelona LGBTI Centre is a pioneering facility in the promotion of sexual and gender diversity. Besides its cultural programme and association-based activities, it provides services offering information, care and primary shelter for individuals, groups and families, as well as psychological guidance and general legal advice on any topic relating to the promotion of sexual and gender diversity.


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