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Over 600 million euros to guarantee children’s rights

Childhood. The figure is for the amount invested in 2021, accounting for nearly 19% of the municipal budget.

Over 605 million euros was invested in 2021 to guarantee children’s rights in the city. The figure was revealed in the budgetary study “Quantification of the budgetary investment for childhood in the budget approved by Barcelona City Council in 2021”.

The study was produced using methodology developed by UNICEF, the goal being to identify and quantify budgetary expenditure on childhood and ensure that children’s rights are satisfied year after year. Barcelona City Council is the first major council to use the tool and is a pioneer in publishing the results.

Over 2,500 euros per child

Even though children and teenagers account for 14.6% of the city’s overall population, the city allocated 18.9% of its budget to them in 2021, equating to over 2,500 euros per child.

Education (24.5%), housing and urban planning (14.3%) and social services and social promotion (10.9%) were the areas with the highest amounts invested in childhood. In addition, the study highlights how this investment aims to help guarantee the rights of children and teenagers in different spheres.

Besides the right to survival, covering essential needs such as housing and basic infrastructures, health, social care and economic welfare, the right to full development is also included through funding for education programmes, culture, leisure and youth policies.