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17/12/2018 - 13:46 h

A well-defined right: the right to housing and migrants

Right to housing. Various activities in Barcelona underline the importance of the right to housing and migrants

14/12/2018 - 13:53 h

Office for Non-Discrimination and the Barcelona Ombudsman establish a coordination protocol

Onbudswoman and OND. In cases of discrimination, the OND will be the municipal reference service when the citizens consider that they violate their rights.

12/12/2018 - 10:18 h

Cities are and will be the safeguards of people’s rights

Human rights. The Conference of Cities for Rights brings together experts from around the world to reflect on and discuss the role of cities as places of resistance against the hate speeches that are being promoted by the extreme...

28/11/2018 - 14:24 h

The Death Penalty and its Abolishment, in Debate

Death Penalty. Currently, 56 countries still provide for the death penalty in their legislation. We analyse this and other data for the event ‘Cities for life. Cities against the death penalty’.

11/11/2018 - 11:32 h

A city which stands up for human rights

City Council. The ‘Cities for Rights’ meeting brings together representatives from around the world who are making a stand against the far right.

24/10/2018 - 16:15 h

Recognition for victims of reprisals during the late Francoist period

City Council. A board made up of specialists will analyse and assess applications to gain a declaration.

16/10/2018 - 19:02 h

Over sixteen thousand people remember 1 October at La Model

City Council. The cycle ‘1 October and more. Barcelona, city of rights’ concludes at a point when Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sànchez have been in prison a year.

Foto: Front Line Defenders
15/10/2018 - 12:03 h

Defending human rights, a right to be protected

Human rights defenders. Defending human rights is a right we all have, in a situation of high risk

31/07/2018 - 10:32 h

The "Night of Religions" is back; a route that examines the city's religious and cultural diversity

Religious diversity. For the third year running, a series of activities and visits promote meeting points for discussion and better understanding between city residents and Barcelona's religious communities and organisations.

04/07/2018 - 18:51 h

Barcelona, safe port

Cooperation. The boat ‘Open Arms’ arrives in Barcelona with sixty people rescued at sea.


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