Barcelona named as a Resilience Hub

18/11/2021 - 18:27 h

Barcelona, along with Greater Manchester, Helsingborg and Milan, has been recognised as a Resilience Hub by the initiative Making Cities Resilient 2030, to reduce the climate risk and the risk of disasters. The city will take on the role for three years, working to inspire other communities to improve their resilience against disasters.

Barcelona has had a team of experts working to improve urban resilience since 2019, preparing the city to prevent exceptional emergency situations or minimise their impact in cases where prevention is not possible.

Resilience centres form part of the initiative MCR2030, whereby each city has developed local solutions to boost the capacity for resilience and recovery in the face of different disasters that can help steer municipal policies towards reducing risks.

As part of the cooperation programme between cities and the collaboration agreement with the UNHabitat global resilience programme, Barcelona is currently working to provide technical support for cities to broaden their resilience profiles and move forward in terms of knowledge and the self-assessment of vulnerable points.