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Drafting municipal regulations for renting out rooms to tourists

25/08/2020 - 13:09 h

New licences for renting out rooms to tourists, permits for carrying out work on shared households and other forms of authorisation have all been put on hold for a year. The moratorium is in response to a need for drafting, within the coming twelve months, a set of municipal regulations governing the new arrangement of renting out rooms in dwellings to tourists, as provided for in the Decree on Tourism approved by the Catalan government on 4 August.

This new arrangement allows rooms to be rented out to tourists provided the stays are for no longer than 31 days,  there are no more than four places per flat and the person who applies for a licence regularly lives in the dwelling.

Since the suspension of new licences, preliminary studies will be started for drafting a special plan for regulating the establishment of this activity with the aim of bringing the various uses into line, while always guaranteeing local residents’ right to housing. Meanwhile a byelaw may also be about to be drafted which sets out the requirements for carrying out this activity in the city.