Energy Planning


Barcelona currently consumes about 17,000 GWh/year, of which some 370 (2.17%) are already produced with renewable energies (solar and small wind farms, among others) or waste energies. In order to reduce this overall consumption, the City Council is seeking to reduce the city’s energy dependence on outside sources, and encourage the presence of local, renewable and grid power generation. In other words, to move towards energy self-sufficiency.

Energy planning in the city

Barcelona wants to contribute towards the fight against climate change by improving energy efficiency as well as reducing the dependency on fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions.

2011-2020 Barcelona, Energy, Climate Change and Air Quality Plan

Barcelona wants to lead the way in energy policies, while prioritising and promoting a series of measures and actions designed to enable it to achieve the energy transition.

Barcelona Solar Bye-law

Since 2000, Barcelona’s Solar Bye-law has made it compulsory in Barcelona to plan systems that make the most of solar energy to produce hot water in certain buildings.

Energy Observatory

The Energy Observatory is the Barcelona Energy Agency unit responsible for monitoring the city’s energy situation.