The following are the complaints and reports that can be filed:

  1. Loss of documents.
  2. Theft (for thefts in excess of 1,000 euros, the report will always be collected in person).
  3. Damage.
  4. Theft with forced entry / theft inside a vehicle.
  5. Theft / unauthorised use of a motor vehicle (except where this is done by the police and the actual owner reports its removal/recovery at the same time).
  6. Against the municipal authority, its officers or members of the corporation.
  7. Against municipal property.
  8. Crimes committed within the area of traffic and which are not under the jurisdiction of the accident-investigation unit.
  9. Crimes involving violation of security or protective measures where they do not involve the arrest of the person concerned.
  1. Crimes against industrial or intellectual property relating to the manufacture, distribution and trade of falsified products intended for street hawking.
  2. Crimes against the environment in Barcelona.
  3. Crimes relating to the exploitation and/or discrimination of vulnerable people.
  4. Crimes relating to anti-social behaviour, public community life, and the GUB's local patrol work.
  5. Crimes falling under the jurisdiction of Barcelona City Council’s inspections:
    • Drawing up an entire report for crimes that may be dealt with in same-day trial proceedings for minor offences.
    • Drawing up an entire report for minor offences that are processed through the usual channel, except for offences where the alleged perpetrator (or one of the alleged perpetrators) is a minor and for minor criminal offences relating to domestic violence (minor threats).

Consult the GUB's offices for receiving complaints and reports.