We hereby inform you that the Guàrdia Urbana city police force now uses body-worn video cameras as a policing tool for ensuring citizen safety.

Who controls the processing of the images recorded?

The Barcelona Guardia Urbana city police force (Coordination Division).

Custody of recordings

Recordings are kept under the custody of the Barcelona Guardia Urbana city police force.

Please note that:

  • Recordings may only be accessed by authorised parties.
  • Conditions for ensuring the integrity of recordings and preventing any kind of alteration or tampering have been established.
  • Copies of recordings can only be made at the request of the court or administrative authority responsible for the actions that lead to the recordings, or pursuant to an order issued by the senior officers responsible for the use of the recordings.
  • The duty of professional secrecy regarding the content of the recordings must be observed.

How are citizens’ rights guaranteed?

The Commission for the Control of Video Surveillance Devices of Catalonia (CCDVC), provided for in Chapter 2 of Decree No. 134/1999, is the advisory and supervisory body on this matter, the purpose of which is to guarantee citizens’ right to privacy, intimacy and their own image.

The Devices may only be used in strict accordance with the principles of appropriateness, proportionality and coherence, the basic principles governing all police action.

Rights of access, assignment, objection, cancellation and deletion of images may be exercised by sending a written request to the Town Council's Data Protection Officer or an e-mail to the the Officer at delegat_proteccio_dades@bcn.cat