Reference framework

Currently, in the city of Barcelona there are a large number of diversified antennas for different operators, whom have an environmental impact and an increase in infrastructures. With the 5GCity, European project where the Barcelona City Council participates and IMI leads, they want to achieve standardize these antennas and create, in the future, a public entity as a Neutral Operator in the deployment of the new 5G technology.


The aim of the 5GCity project is, starting from the infrastructure built by the European project  FLAME (Facility Large-Scale Adaptative Media Experimentation), to improve the infrastructure until the possibility of deploying to Barcelona a low cost mobile communication technologies driven by independents softwares , based on future 5G networks, creating the concept of Neutral Operator.

A democratized access to the network infrastructures (currently limited by Mobile Operators) is what will be obtained from this project, so that it can help the figure of the Neutral Operator; thus, if the cost (CAPEX/OPEX) of the mobile network is enough reduced the Public Administration will be able to act like an Infrastructure Operator, getting a strong position in front of traditional mobile operators.


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