Register of administration procedures

Reference framework

The new Law 39/2015, dated on 1st October,  of the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations, considers that electronic processing must be the usual activity of the Public Administrations in order to be more useful  to  the principles of efficiency in cost savings, the transparency obligations and the guarantees of the citizen. Thus, from the Institut Municipal d’informàtica (IMI) is working on different technological initiatives to digitally improve the current  administrative process . To expedite all the processes is necessary the inclusion of the registration procedure that guides the users and the own internal applications of the city council to use and follow the correct procedures for the different citizens’ requests.


The registration procedures is going to be a digital storage boost with a complete knowledge about all the procedures of the City of Barcelona with citizen involvement, either  it is initiated ex officio or by motion of the party. It is going to contain the necessary information to guide the user in their access to the procedures of the City Council. Also it is going to incorporate the information that will allow the internal applications to perform the operations that make up the entire life cycle of a procedure that will end in a record.

So, the register is not only an informative tool, but also is an executive one and will facilitate the creation of the digital services and the unification of the processes to be incorporated in this new system.


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