The general public's co-responsibility in waste prevention is all about small actions that can be incorporated into people's daily lives.

  • Using cotton bags, trolleys or baskets for shopping, in order to avoid the use of plastic bags.
  • “Intangible” gifts Giving people experiences as presents, such as cultural, sports and educational activities. This avoids giving objects or products that, in the long run, become waste products. There are plenty of options for giving people fun experiences in the city or outdoors (restaurants, hotels, museums, etc.), nature activities, adventure sports and ways to relax or improve their well-being.
  • Using email.
  • Using reusable containers and wrappers.
  • Not wasting food. By using some simple domestic tricks, you can reduce the amount of left-over food after each meal: planning meals well so you don't have to throw food away; serving smaller portions (it's better to get a second helping than leave food on your plate); avoiding ingredients that go off easily, making food that can be frozen if there is any left over...
  • Responsible purchasing Before you go shopping, think about what you need and whether what you want is useful or just a whim. Use local shops and go to places where local, ecological, unpackaged, fair-trade or craft products are sold. That way you will reduce your shopping's carbon footprint, minimise your waste, eat more healthily and show solidarity.
  • Manage your waste properly Separate the different types of waste at home, and place them in the proper container: paper and cardboard in blue containers (always properly folded to optimise space), glass in green containers, and plastic packaging, tins and cartons in yellow containers and organic waste in brown containers. Use the containers properly; don't leave bags of rubbish outside the container. Remember that all litter bins have ashtrays or stubbing-out plates for extinguishing cigarettes. You can also throw your chewing gum into the litter bin. The Green Point network is open over Christmas: make use of it by taking along anything you no longer need.