The 2012-2020 Plan for Prevention of Municipal Waste aims to foster the reduction of waste in the city, involving all the relevant players (the general public, companies, commercial establishments, organisations, associations and administrations). The vision is for Barcelona to be a progressive city, generating less waste, more efficient in its use of resources and with a greater internalisation of environmental costs.

For this reason, Barcelona City Council is promoting the prevention of waste in different fractions, including: organic matter, lightweight packaging, paper-cardboard, glass, bulky waste and waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

The objectives for waste prevention are:

  • A 10% reduction in per-capita generation of waste by 2018 (compared to the reference year, 2006).
  • Introducing new habits and attitudes in municipal waste-management strategies.
  • Providing a reference framework for actions that are carried out, bringing a mid-term strategic vision (for the next eight years) while also establishing a specific work plan.
  • Increasing the degree of the City Council's leadership and dialogue concerning preventative actions.
  • Improving the effectiveness of the resources applied to waste management and prevention.
  • Increasing the degree of the population's awareness and participation regarding waste management.
  • Optimising the results of prevention and the effectiveness of the actions, and reducing and/or optimising the metabolic flow associated with the consumption of goods and products and waste generation.

The plan foresees a 10% reduction in the per-capita generation of waste by 2018 (compared to the reference year). Daily per-capita waste generation for the reference year: 1.540 kg. The Plan's target for daily per-capita waste generation (2018): 1.386 kg.