Frequently asked questions on the new 'door-to-door' waste collection system

1. Can you put out bags of organic waste without the sealed brown bin?

No. You can’t put out bags of organic waste without the brown bin as the bags are made out of potato starch (compostable material) and there is a risk they could break and scatter the waste on the ground. By putting out the brown bin with the bags inside, we protect our streets from unnecessary filth, spills and smells.

2. Can I put waste out before 8 pm?

The time for putting waste out is from 8 pm to 10 pm in the whole city. By respecting these hours, we can all enjoy cleaner streets.

3. Why aren’t people fined for anti-social behaviour?

The goal of implementing this system is to increase the quantity and quality of selective waste collection, particularly in relation to organic waste. It also addresses the poor practice of leaving rubbish bags on the street at all hours.

4. Why aren’t bags given out for paper recycling?

Because first we want to see how much paper and cardboard people recycle to decide whether there is a need to distribute paper bags. This possibility is currently under consideration.

5. Why do the emergency waste collection areas only open during the day?

Because these points provide a solution to residents in the exceptional case of an emergency, but the goal is for this new system to be fully respected by everyone.

6. Why isn’t organic and sanitary waste collected daily?

The frequency of collection for this type of waste is ideal for the vast majority of families. Organic waste inside a compostable bag doesn’t smell, and the airtight brown bin allows you to store several bags. Regarding sanitary waste, on the days when there is no collection, you can always take it to an emergency collection point.

7. I don’t have any space in the kitchen. I’ve always recycled but now it’s much harder.

The City Council first introduced selective waste collection at all homes many years ago, so recycling is not something new. Now the residents of Sarrià Vell find it easier because they don’t have to walk to the containers to throw their waste away. All they have to do is put it in front of their door on the right day and at the right time. The only container that remains is the green one, for glass.

8. Why are you getting rid of the containers? It would be convenient to leave them as an alternative for the people who can’t put the bags out at the established time.

The implementation of a new waste collection system makes it impossible to have another system at the same time. We can’t have two simultaneous waste systems as this would incur unnecessary costs.

9. Will there be economic rewards for the people who follow the rules?

Currently, there are no economic rewards for residents who do the right thing, but the option may be considered in the future.

10. Where can we put our waste out on Friday at lunchtime when we’re about to go away for the weekend?

First of all, we want to encourage relationships between neighbours so that everyone helps each other and works together. Also, you can always take the bag to the emergency collection points or the containers outside of the old town.

11. This system is very hard on the elderly or people with reduced mobility. What solutions do you have for them?

We want to encourage relationships between neighbours in this case too, so that everyone helps each other and works together. The City Council is also considering alternatives.

12. Can waste be put out after the established time?

No. You must respect the waste collection times. By respecting these times, we can all enjoy cleaner streets.

13. Why do the organic waste bin and the recycling and rubbish bags have a chip?

The chip gives us statistical information on how the system is working and it allows us to make corrections when errors are detected. The old town is divided into four zones, and the chip is related to each of these zones.