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Barcelona City Council presents public consumer services at the ICAB

Barcelona City Council presents public consumer services at the ICAB

Consumer rights. The session also addressed adapting the law in response to new types of consumerism and the need to introduce people to municipal services and consumer associations.

M. Eugènia Gay Rosell, deacon of the Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB), and Montserrat Ballarín i Espuña, City Councillor for Commerce, Markets, Consumption, Internal Affairs and Tax at Barcelona City Council, presented the session “Consumer conflicts: an opportunity” on 22 September.

The session included a presentation of public consumer protection services from Barcelona City Council, along with a discussion on mediation and arbitration procedures as an alternative way of resolving consumer conflicts and the regulation of consumer rights in relation to basic utilities.

The Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB) and the City Council want to continue working together towards municipal policies which drive safe, sustainable and satisfactory consumer relationships with a local perspective.

The discussion addressed a wide range of subjects, such as the involvement of companies, adapting the law and changing regulations in response to new types of consumerism, particularly online shopping, the need to collaborate with professionals in law, the chance to foster consumer rights at universities and the promotion of municipal services and consumer associations to the general public.

The session was moderated by Carles García Roqueta, lawyer and member of the governing board of the ICAB, with the following taking part:

  • Francesc Puigdomenech Torras. Head of the Department for Consumer Affairs at Barcelona City Council.
  • Gaietà Sala Prat. Head of the Barcelona Consumer Arbitration Board.
  • Immaculada Barral Viñals. Professor in Civil Law. Head of the Consumer Rights Section at the ICAB.

You can see the video of the session here.