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Responsible consumption

Consumption is an activity that is everywhere in our lives. When we choose how we consume, in a way we are also choosing how we want to live.

Responsible consumption is a proposal that encourages individuals, groups and society to be aware of the effects of our consumption practices. It encourages us to gradually adopt new habits with positive effects both on our health and quality of life and on the local economy, society and the environment. It is based on consuming in a way that also takes into account the medium- and long-term effects of our consumption and on contributing whenever we can to collective organisation and support for alternatives such as social and solidarity businesses and organisations.

Barcelona City Council is committed to responsible consumption. First, by preaching by example, through sustainable public procurement. And also by making it easier for citizens, organisations and businesses to adopt consumption practices and offers aimed at achieving a fairer and more sustainable socio-economic model. This is why we have drawn up some strategic proposals, among others, the Strategy for Promoting Responsible Consumption 2016-2019, the Plan for the Promotion of the Social and Solidarity Economy, and the Climate Plan.

The OMIC has a long history of providing information and support to the public so that citizens know their rights and duties in consumption matters, and it is committed to including a responsible consumption perspective in the information it provides. You will find tips and recommendations here.

Furthermore, the OMIC shares its premises with the Responsible Consumption Space, a municipal facility that specialises in promoting a new culture for consumption.

Why we do it?

  • Because it can take us closer to simpler, healthier and more satisfying lifestyles. And make us feel good about acting more consistently with our values.
  • Because, by practising responsible consumption, we can support and strengthen fairer and more sustainable economic practices and employment situations.
  • And because it helps us make a small contribution to the complex and difficult process of rethinking and transforming our socio-economic model and fighting against climate change.

You will find all the information, activities and resources at





Prioritises meeting people’s needs over money and acts with democratic, sustainable, participatory and inclusive values, among others.


Food based on a production method that respects the rights of workers, preserves ecosystem balances and highlights the culture of the land.


Products that come from the surrounding area and boost the local economic fabric and environmental sustainability.


Puts people at the centre, promoting quality employment and the integration of vulnerable groups.


A product or service that promotes healthy and sustainable lifestyles.


Promotes active and egalitarian participation in decision-making by every member of the initiative.


Fair-trade relationship, particularly between the North and the South, based on social and environmental values.


Includes reductions in water, energy and raw-material consumption, and minimises waste.


Products that prevent the generation of waste, as they last longer, are repairable, low-consumption, and have minimum packaging or packaging with less impact.