Barcelona celebrates Women and Sport Week from 8 to 15 March

08/03/2024 - 09:59

With the aim of promoting women's sport and raising the profile of women in this domain, Barcelona will be celebrating Women and Sport Week from 8 to 15 March.

The Barcelona Sports Institute (IBE) launches Women and Sport Week, an initiative whose slogan is 'Women With Impact', which aims to raise the profile of women who are leading figures in different sporting disciplines.

Women and Sport Week events include:

Women’s Sailing Day “El mar és vostre” [The Sea is Yours]: Around 300 women and girls from Barcelona will be taking part in a free, festive sailing day tomorrow, Saturday 9 March, at the Pavelló Blau. The organisation of this day coincides with an outstanding year for sailing in Barcelona, as the city is to host the America’s Cup in 2024. The “El mar és vostre” day is an important initiative aimed at promoting women’s participation in sport, and breaking down the gender barriers that still exist.

Cycle of interviews “Dones amb impacte” [Women With Impact]: The aim of this series of interviews is to raise the profile of women in sport, provide role models for new generations, and to further the fight for equality in this domain. Olympic medallists Jessica Vall and Astrid Fina will be kicking off the series of interviews. They’ll be sharing their personal experiences, their vision of how equality in sport is evolving, and the challenges that remain to be faced. You can see all the interviews and debates in the cycle on the BCN Esports YouTube channel.

Women and Sport Award: Details of the nomination period for this 17th edition of the award, which recognises the careers of women sportspeople and sports promoters. The application period opens on 3 April and will come to an end on 24 April 2024. The award terms and conditions and nomination forms can be found on the Women and Sport [Dones i Esport] website.

A road still to travel:

Although levels of participation in sport by women and girls are growing, there’s still a way to go before equality is achieved in this domain. The Barcelona Sports Institute (IBE) is working to promote a more egalitarian sporting world, and to make the careers of leading sportswomen more visible in order to inspire future generations of women with impact.

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