Barcelona City Councillor's Office for Feminism is responsible for promoting gender equality in the city. Its main strategy is to combat the more structural aspects of gender inequality and sexism.

Here in the Area of Women and Feminism we have extended the gender perspective to all City Council areas, to fight against gender inequalities and discrimination against women, and to contribute towards women’s freedom and equal opportunities and results. 

We champion the political, economic and social rights of all women (whatever their age, national or ethnic origins or financial situation; women with functional diversity etc.) 

We work to prevent the violence that affects them. We design, implement and coordinate not just policies with a comprehensive approach to gender-based violence but also services that provide support for women who may have suffered physical, sexual, psychological or employment-related violence throughout their lives. 

The Area of Women and Feminism's goals include:

  • Achieving equal rights, opportunities and results between men and women.
  • Promoting women’s access to culture, the economy and policies and highlighting the artistic, social and political contributions of women.
  • Tackling all aspects of gender-based violence and offering appropriate services for women who are in or have experienced a situation of violence. 
  • Fighting against the feminisation of poverty and job insecurity. 
  • Making visible and democratising domestic, carer and companionship work and offering advice and support to the individual and family carers. 
  • Including the intersectional-gender and LGBTI perspective in all the City Council’s departments and areas.
  • Working jointly with the city’s feminist, social and institutional players.