Gender fairness is a principle of social and political justice aimed at eliminating inequalities between men and women and at recognising the gender differences that enrich us.

Barcelona City Council is launching a gender mainstreaming strategy so that all its actions work in favour of gender equity. A gender perspective is therefore being introduced into the running and organisation of the City Council and into all the policies being implemented from the city and its districts. 

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We are striving to improve women’s quality of life and health by fighting the gender factors that undermine them. We are putting special emphasis on sexual and reproductive health. 

Image urbanism gender transversality

Urban planning

We are working to promote a city, urban-planning and mobility model that meets everyone’s needs and daily-life experiences. 

Image economy gender transversality


We are advancing towards an economy that is oriented to everyone, we are incorporating gender perspectives in municipal budgets and taxes and we are fighting against the feminisation of poverty and job insecurity.

Imatge cures transversalitat de gènere


We aim to fight against the disproportionate carer responsibility taken on by women. We are promoting the recognition of the central role of caring, to bring about its socialisation and democratisation.

Image transversal sport of gender


We are promoting women’s participation and visibility in sport.

Image culture transversality of gender


We are taking on gender inequalities in the cultural arena, promoting women’s creations and acknowledging their work and contributions throughout history.

Imatge participació transversalitat de gènere


We are discovering and acknowledging women’s political, social and technological participation in Barcelona and we are promoting this participation by seeing to its diversity.

Equitat de gènere. Tecnologia


We want to consolidate Barcelona as a fairer and more equitable city in terms of the creation and production of technology, incorporating the gender perspective.