We are progressing towards an economy geared to everyone, which focuses on daily life and the reorganisation of time. For this reason, we have been working with basic governmental tools for a fair distribution of economic resources.

We have been analysing municipal expenditure and income and accordingly incorporating the gender perspective into the budget and the municipal tax system (tax by-laws, among other things) and public-sector charges.

Barcelona City Council has also been incorporating gender-equality clauses into municipal procurement contracts (such as the Guide to Social Public Procurement) since 2016. This means that companies which have an employment relationship with the City Council are required to meet a series of conditions guaranteeing equal treatment and opportunities for women in their internal operations. The City Council is one of the city's main contracting bodies, which underlines the importance of this measure for combating gender inequalities in the job market.

Furthermore, municipal grant and subsidy campaigns enable organisations to obtain public resources for realising their projects. Evaluation criteria for current proposals include the gender perspective, both in an organisation's’ operations and in their subsidised projects. Organisations are therefore encouraged to act as allies in the objective of achieving equality between men and women in all areas. 

We at Barcelona City Council are also combating the feminisation of poverty and job insecurity through innovative projects such as those in the neighbourhoods of Sants Centre, Carmel, Bon Pastor and La Verneda (Women breaking away from job insecurity Link to attached document number 4 entitled women breaking away from job insecurity). And there is also financial support for the most vulnerable, such as subsidies for paying property tax (IBI) (see the document Subsidies for paying property tax (IBI): analysis of 2017 data from the gender perspective).

Likewise, it is only by guaranteeing a job market without inequalities or gender discrimination that we can make our city just and egalitarian. The Strategy for Barcelona employment, EOB 2016-2020 also focuses on the gender perspective. 

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Financial-resource distribution between men and women is one of the basic criteria that shows the extent to which a society is or is not egalitarian in terms of gender. Therefore, to ensure that budgets encourage fairness, we need to review our expenditure, public income and budgetary process from a gender perspective (Barcelona City Council’s gender impact report for the 2018 budget is an example of this).

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Gender-impact reports on tax by-laws are being drafted for the purposes of finding out whether Barcelona City Council’s tax policy is having an impact on gender equality, and if so, whether it is fostering or undermining that equality.

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Gender-impact reports on the City Council's public-sector charges are being drafted for the purposes of identifying, preventing and rectifying any creation, continuation or increase of gender inequalities.

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