The ABITS Agency, which takes a comprehensive approach to tackling sex work issues, is a municipal service attached to the Department of Feminism and LGBTI Affairs at the Area of Social Rights, Global Justice, Feminism and LGTBI Affairs.

Since 2006, the ABITS Agency has been carrying out specific analysis, diagnosis, direct-intervention and coordination work in a bid to tackle sex work in Barcelona.

Its primary goal is to provide support for cis and trans people working as prostitutes in Barcelona, giving priority to those in especially vulnerable situations, in an integrated, comprehensive and coordinated way, so that they can find out about and exercise their rights under the same conditions as any other woman in the city.

It acts through six strategic intervention lines:

1. Knowledge of the situation
2. Providing care for women who carry out sex work on public streets.
3. Providing care for women who carry out sex work in closed spaces (premises, clubs and flats).

4. Designing and implementing programmes for social and occupational training and re-employment. Improving employability.
5. Detecting victims of human trafficking for sexual exploitation and coordinating with the unit fighting against human trafficking for sexual exploitation.
6. Coordinating institutional and community initiatives.

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Support in public places

The SAS is an interdisciplinary municipal team that offers comprehensive support, from a rights-based perspective, to women who carry out or have carried out sex work in Barcelona, particularly in public spaces.

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Support in enclosed spaces

The City Council offers support to entities that provide comprehensive support to sex workers who work in enclosed spaces (premises, clubs, flats), promoting their empowerment and helping them to exercise their rights effectively.

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Improving employability

To promote access to training, economic and employment rights, the ABITS Agency supports several comprehensive care programmes for improving the training and employability of women who carry out or have carried out sex work.