Barcelona City Council is putting an exhaustive range of data at the disposal of citizens for a detailed and accurate understanding of the living conditions of women, as well as the existing situations of gender inequality.

This compilation is part of the Gender in numbers (CA) report, published in 2019, although it goes much further, as it contributes periodically updated and systematised data.

dos mujeres paseando por una calle amplio, vemos diferentes perfiles de mujeres sentadas en bancos en la misma calle

Socio-demographic profile

Main features of the women and men who live in Barcelona: age, household structure, origins and so on.

dona treballant en una oficina i teclejant en un ordinador portàtil


Current structure of the labour market based on data on activity, employment, unemployment, job quality, salary etc., highlighting the work reality of women compared to men. 

dues dones d'esquenes fan treball domèstic netejant els plats en una cuina

Domestic and care work

Tasks involving household-maintenance and looking after dependent individuals. Essential work, traditionally carried out by women, practically alone, and poorly valued from social and economic points of view. 

una dona amb un nen en braços sostè la seva cartera amb les mans i n'extreu un bitllet de l'interior

Incomes, housing and feminisation of poverty

Data on the numerous aspects of poverty that affect the way in which women suffer differently from precariousness, vulnerability and exclusion.

grup de dones abraçant-se en una acció política-social a Plaça Catalunya organitzada per Novembre Feminista

Political and social participation

Participation in organisations, associations, institutional spaces and so on. Information and data on the presence of men and women in the public arena. 

una dona asseguda a la sala d'espera d'un centre de salut


Gender is relevant in the state of health of women and men: life expectancy, state of health, healthy habits, sexual and reproductive health etc.

notes autoadhesives amb apunts sobre una taula en una jornada educativa


Besides access to education and level of education, the composition of non-compulsory studies needs to be observed according to branch and sex if we are to identify the existence of gender inequalities in the field of education.

grup de dones visitant una exposició cultural d'art en un museu

Culture and collective memory

Women play an active and key role in cultural activities in the city and this needs to be known and recognised. Of course, the recovery of historical memory is especially important for bringing visibility to women’s contributions to our society.

dues dones grans s'abracen i es donen suport en una terrassa amb vistes a la ciutat

Lives free of gender violence

Gender violence is a key component of gender discrimination and a serious expression of the structural inequality that exists between men and women. 

mural en el pati d'una escola amb el títol Dones combatives

Urban space and environment

Barcelona’s neighbourhoods and the overall city have very specific features that determine the lifestyles, health and the very freedom of their residents according to gender.

noia jove mirant el mòbil mentre espera l'autobús a la parada del V25


Distinct patterns of mobility between men and women: use of public and private transport and number of and reason for journeys, etc.