This section features Barcelona City Council's main media campaigns celebrating International Women's Day (8 March), and the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (25 November).

8 March - International Women's Day

2021 Campaign

In 2021 the emphasis was on a diverse and unstoppable collective wave of women of different origins and ideologies, sharing the struggle against inequalities. The campaign highlighted women from all periods who have made a stand and who continue to fight for real effective equality.

2020 Campaign

2020 saw the organisation of a series of activities under the slogan L’ecofeminisme és la resposta [“Ecofeminism is the answer”] urgently calling for a profound social transformation to put life in all its forms firmly centre stage.

2019 Campaign

The 2019 campaign commemorated the strike of March 1912, known as the ‘Bread and Roses’ strike, staged by female workers at a textile factory in Lawrence, Massachusetts (bread representing the struggle for better wages, and roses the struggle for better living conditions).

2018 Campaign

2018 saw tribute paid to women's struggle for equal participation in society and their full development as individuals.

2017 Campaign [Es]

The emphasis in 2017 was on eliminating discrimination and inequalities on the grounds of gender, especially in the area of culture, to help move towards the full citizenship, independence and freedom of women.

25 November - International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

2021 Campaign

Adopting the slogan “Apaguem el masclisme, no el deixem créixer” [Let’s stamp out sexism, let’s not let it grow], the 2021 campaign was a call on men in particular and for the need to work together to eliminate gender violence.

2020 Campaign

The 2020 campaign focused on the fight against gender-based violence on social networks, and called for the construction of free, safe, empowering digital sisterhoods.

2019 Campaign

Under the slogan “#ElPresentésFeminista” [The Present is Feminist] the 2019 campaign focused on the Barcelona of today, a city that fights back, where everyone fights together, a city that reinvents itself and that rejects and challenges all forms of male chauvinism.

2018 Campaign

With the slogan El futur no és masclista [“The future is not sexist”], the 2018 campaign against male violence took a different approach to that of previous years,  seeking a narrative of freedom aimed at a young public, with an optimistic, positive view of a future in which the city of Barcelona is committed to a free society.

2017 Campaign

Using the slogan Davant la violència masclista, no et pots girar d’esquena [“You can’t turn your back on gender violence”], the 2017 campaign against -based violence went further than condemnation, with a collective commitment to take action against all forms of gender violence.

2016 Campaign

Under the slogan Ni mitja. No en deixem passar ni mitja [“Don’t give them even half a chance”], the 2016 campaign against gender violence publicly expressed a resounding rejection of any form of violence, however small and insignificant it might seem. 

2015 Campaign

With the slogan Som una ciutat que rebutja la violència masclista [“We are a city that rejects gender violence”], the 2015 campaign highlighted the  collective rejection of gender-based violence.