8 March, International Women's Day 2021

The feminist movement has become an unstoppable and diverse collective wave made up of women from different backgrounds and with different ideologies fighting together against inequality.

8 March stands for centuries of fighting. On 8 March, we commemorate the femicide of a group of female textile workers who were burned to death in New York while claiming their employment rights. Although this was over a century ago, we will also remember all those women throughout history who have fought, and those who are still fighting, for actual and effective equality.

The feminist wave in Barcelona and around the world is now stronger than ever. We must keep fighting for a future that is truly free from male chauvinism, harassment, discrimination and violence. A future in which women don't encounter barriers for the mere fact of being women.

One of the main hindrances for the full development of women’s rights is the unequal extent to which they undertake care work and life support tasks, an often invisible and unpaid type of work that still falls primarily on women. A disproportionate responsibility that affects the lives of women as a whole and, among other things, detrimentally affects their access to the job market and deprives them of free time.

The social crisis caused by Covid-19 has highlighted the essential nature of this work and how feminised, unrecognised and underpaid it is.

 That is why on 8 March we will call for the democratisation of care work and the recognition of its fundamental importance as well as the need to transform corporate salary and work-life balance policies. We will also argue in favour of the importance of establishing neighbourhood and community networks to undertake this work collectively. For everyone’s good, let’s share the care!

XXXV 8 March - Maria Aurèlia Capmany Award 2021

Every year, to commemorate International Women's Day, Barcelona City Council calls for entries for the 8 March - Maria Aurèlia Capmany Award, which focuses on an issue with a social and gender impact. The issue chosen for this 35th edition is “24 hours a day, 365 days a year - Let’s democratise care work”.

The deadline for submitting projects is 17 March 2021.

“Barcelona Fotògrafes” Exhibition

An exhibition that reconstructs the history of the city and reclaims the role that women have played in the history of photography on these shores, through the images of 21 women photographers.

Opens on 6 March, at Plaça Comercial, opposite El Born CCM. Free admission.

A plan to combat the digital gender divide

Barcelona City Council is launching more than 50 initiatives devised to promote gender equity in the city's ICT industries, and to promote feminism as a central pillar in the construction of a digital society. The BcnFemTech training programme is one of these initiatives, and will enable 50 women who are currently in vulnerable situations to enter the labour market as professionals in programming and web development.


Voting process now open to choose the best project from candidates for the 8 March Award - Maria Aurèlia Capmany 2021

17/05/2021 - 09:50

Award. 8 March Award 2021: Voting process for the public award now open.

United, diverse and rebellious: the women in the new mural at La Model

29/03/2021 - 17:18

Feminism and women. The artwork on the walls in C/ Provença and C/ Entença were designed in collaboration with the ‘Femiñétas’ newspaper.

Women improve their position in a labour market where much is still to be done

09/03/2024 - 11:11

Women’s employment figures for the city are the best in the last twenty years, but the glass ceiling and the wage gap are among various aspects that persist.

8M: Barcelona's local commerce is synonymous with women

08/03/2021 - 08:17

COMMERCE. In Barcelona, 58% of the 145,000 people who work in the commerce sector are women. However, they only run 45.9% of the city's commercial establishments.

8M Agenda
Check out the activities planned for Barcelona’s neighbourhoods and districts to commemorate International Women’s Day.
Concentration of 8 March 2021
Barcelona Fotògrafes Exhibition
Concentration of 8 March 2021
Barcelona Fotògrafes Exhibition
Concentration of 8 March 2021
Barcelona Fotògrafes Exhibition
Concentration of 8 March 2021
Barcelona Fotògrafes Exhibition