We are working to promote an urban-planning and mobility city model that responds to the needs and daily-life experiences of every resident. 

We are working with urban planning from a gender perspective, that puts daily life at the centre of its policies, with an inclusive approach to meeting the needs and desires of the whole of society, by taking into account its diversity of gender, age, origin and function, among other things.

The City Council has accordingly drawn up a government measure entitled “Urban planning with a gender perspective”, which includes a package of measures for integrating a gender perspective into all urban planning policies to achieve a fairer, more equal, safer city without barriers.

The Neighbourhood Plan has carried out safety audits from a gender perspective in several areas of the city, including Bon Pastor, Trinitat Vella, Trinitat Nova, El Besòs and El Maresme and La Marina.

Safety audits are used for detecting shortcomings and finding solutions. They diagnose public spaces that have been key to implementing projects for improving the situation of neighbourhoods, with the collaboration and involvement of everyone who lives there.

Bon Pastor and Trinitat Vella:
Report "Do not miss the exploratory marches of women in the Bon Pastos and the Trinitat Vella!" (CAT)

Trinitat Nova:
Report "March of women in Trinitat Nova" (ES)

Besòs and Maresme:
Report "We cross the Besòs district and the Maresme with women's eyes" (CAT)

Safety audits from a gender perspective:
Neighbourhood Plan (CAT)

Feminist methodological notebooks. Safety audits from a gender perspective (CAT)

Neighbourhood Plan:
Dossier de premsa (CAT)

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The Ciutat Vella Mobility Plan for 2018-2023, which organises mobility in the district and is progressing towards a model that makes residential life compatible with the district’s centrality, was drafted from a gender perspective.

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We are working for a sustainable and fair mobility, for which we need to change our mobility habits and re-think safety concepts by putting everyday life at the centre.We are introducing the perspective in the drafting of the Barcelona Urban Mobility Plan for 2019-2024.

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TMB Anti-Manspreading Campaign.

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