Even though women in Barcelona have a higher life expectancy than men they still perceive their own health as worse than men’s, as shown in the Barcelona Health Survey for 2018.

Hence our aim to improve the quality of life and health of women by also fighting the gender factors that determine them. Here the City Council’s Department of Health is prioritising its investments for neighbourhoods most in need.

We are therefore introducing the gender aspect in several health-care strategies in the city:

We are striving to boost protection, compliance and guarantees for sexual and reproductive rights, human rights as they are, through various programmes and initiatives:

Sexual and reproductive strategy, designed in collaboration with several of the city’s institutional and community players.

News report "Sexual and reproductive health strategy" (ES).

News report: "Combat disinformation to guarantee sexual and reproductive rights" (ES).

Diptych "Shared sexual and reproductive health strategy" (ES).


Information on abortion and on information campaigns on abortion as a right (“Abortion, an option and a right”).

News report: "Pregnancy, unplanned pregnancy and abortion" (ES).

Informative diptych "Abortion, an option and a right" (ES).


Sexuality programme at schools

School programme on sexual health and communication. ASPB “Parlem-ne; no et tallis!” [Let's talk about it; don’t keep quiet!] (CAT)

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Mental health is a challenge and a priority in Barcelona City Council’s health policies, as shown by the innovative Barcelona Mental Health Plan for 2016-2022.

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