At the City Council we want to develop a cultural policy that promotes egalitarian values, and that respects and promotes both the collective memory and the role of women, which is often underestimated. We also wish to provide support for women’s authorship and value their artistic contributions. The “Report on Barcelona City Council Cultural Programming 2016-2017 from a Gender Perspective”, commissioned by the Gender Mainstreaming Department and drawn up by LaGroc and i-LabSo, focuses on this.

We can acknowledge the contribution that women make and have made to culture by means of municipal prizes and distinctions. These are mechanisms which recognise the merit and prestige of city organisations and individuals that, in many cases, are a way of distributing economic resources. We are working to make this an equitable distribution. Barcelona City Council is analysing its prizes and distinctions from a gender perspective and issues reports to analyse and gradually correct the biases.

We are working to reclaim the memory of city women, promoting a catalogue of names that recognises women equally in the cultural, political, social and scientific world.

We also promote actions, projects and events that bring together the experience of women throughout Barcelona’s history.

Other actions to promote the presence of women in culture:

This is a meeting point for creators in the district and an amplifier for female talent and women’s cultural creation in Gràcia, for the community and the city’s artistic circle. Its aim is to promote women’s cultural creation from the district and with a gender perspective.

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To promote films made by women and with a gender perspective, and to explore the actions that occur within women’s everyday lives.

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This aims to boost audiovisual production made by young film makers in the city. It was organised by the Barcelona Institute of Culture in 2016, in collaboration with the Barcelona City Council Feminism and LGBTI Councillor's Office, and in 2018 the Francesca Bonnemaison Women’s Cultural Centre is taking over, in collaboration with Barcelona City Council. The winning audiovisual production will première at the Women’s Film Season.

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