As with other public policy instruments, gender mainstreaming may run the risk of becoming a technocratic tool, designed in offices and far removed from the needs of our citizens.

We have no wish to promote gender mainstreaming without women.

So, Article 18.1, Act 17/2015, of 15 July, on Effective Equality between Men and Women, states that the actions and policies of the public authorities must highlight and acknowledge groups and other bodies that defend women’s rights, support them and promote their participation in designing, drafting, implementing and assessing public policies.

Consult the women’s or feminist associations and groups working for gender equality in Barcelona on the following map:

Map of women’s organisations.

Consult the complete study with the main results obtained from the analysis of the features and participatory forms of these feminist or women's associations and groups in Barcelona: “Analysis of the participation of women, the feminist movement and groups or associations organised for gender equality in Barcelona”, commissioned by the Barcelona City Council's Gender Mainstreaming Department and carried out by Almena Cooperativa Feminista SCCL with the Map of women’s organisations.

"Analysis of the participation of women, the feminist movement and groups or entities organized for gender equality in the city of Barcelona" (ES)

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Municipal women’s councils are consultative and participatory bodies for Barcelona’s women over the City Council’s policies at both city and district levels (Barcelona Municipal Women’s Council and district women's councils respectively).

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Analysis of women’s political and social participation and recommendations for boosting and improving their participation in mixed institutional and social spaces: “Analysis of women’s participation in Barcelona’s mixed institutional and social spaces”, commissioned by the Gender Mainstreaming Department and carried out by LiquenLabent.

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