The Barcelona Women’s Council is a participatory space for discussing and dealing with issues of interest for Barcelona's women, by expressing their demands, proposals and expectations.
  • It was founded in 1994.
  • It is consultative in nature: it makes recommendations, advises and provides criteria and elements of judgement for the municipal authority’s bodies. The women's council's proposals are taken into account by the city government, although they are not binding.
  • The basic goal is to contribute and enrich all the City Council’s policies with a gender perspective, to make headway in gender justice in Barcelona.
  • It is made up of women representatives from feminist associations and women's groups in the city, as well as fifteen women who are not part of any association, in addition to institutional and expert representatives.


  • Plenary Committee: the Barcelona Women’s Council's highest representational body.
  • Permanent Committee: the Women’s Council’s operational body, made up of the Plenary Committee’s representatives. Its functions include the authority to create work groups.

Work groups

  • The group to tackle gender violence promotes the monitoring of the Government measure for improving the system for a comprehensive approach to gender violence. This entails having appropriate information available on tools at the City Council’s disposal for this approach, both in the municipal organisation’s internal area and with regard to the aspects that affect public policies promoted by the City Council.
  • The group on gender mainstreaming promotes the co-production of public policies on gender mainstreaming between the municipal administration and the city’s feminist associations and women residents. Not only does it influence the City Council’s organisational aspects, but also the tools for the implementation of Barcelona City Council’s government measure on gender mainstreaming.

(These two work groups are made up of representatives from the Council’s women's groups, although any other feminist or women’s association can be involved, as can individual women with an interest in the issues in question.)

  • The territorial group works to establish a fluid relationship between the districts’ women's councils and the City’s Women's Council. The aim is to help these bodies become true voices of women from Barcelona’s various neighbourhoods, as well as to facilitate the work of relevant specialists in the districts. This work group is not open to citizens in general as its objective means it is made up of women from the districts, area consultants and specialist staff.
  • The Barcelona Women’s Council – LGBTI Municipal Council group has the role of sharing the various strategies that both councils are working on to put an end to stereotypes and patriarchal roles. It is made up of representatives from each of the councils.

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