Answer these questions honestly. Depending on the results, you should think about looking for help, as you may be abusing your partner with gender violence.


  • You believe she dresses up to get other men to look at her.
  • You think she's cheating on you all the time and that it wouldn’t happen if she's always with you.
  • You feel you can’t live without her.
  • You feel if she left you, you don’t know what you’d do.



  • You get angry when she doesn't answer your phone calls.
  • You get anxious when you don’t know who she’s with or what she's doing.
  • You want to check if she's talking to a boy and, if she is, you feel jealous.
  • You lose control and feel like hitting her, even though you don’t at the last minute.
  • You want to shout at her to get her to understand better how she's making you feel.
  • You think everything would be better if she did what you need.



  • You hit her, even though you later regret it.
  • You always find a reason to justify your fits of anger.
  • You think it’s her who causes the tension and rows between you.
  • Once you’ve had a row you think the best is still to come, when you’ve made up and you give her presents.
  • If she wants to end the relationship, you threaten her so she won’t.
  • She leaves you and you look for her desperately until you find her, even if she’s in another city.