In 2013, “Canviem-ho” and the Barcelona Social Services Consortium (CSSBCN) launched a programme for improving emotional relationships in adolescents and young men living in educational action residential centers (CRAES) and shelters (CA) in Barcelona.

The increase in the recently-arrived migrant population from other social contexts, often unaccompanied by their families, complicates the work of teaching them values and respect, and fostering equal relationships with the city’s female population.

 In order to avoid abusive behaviour, prevent situations of gender violence from arising and improve relationships in the centres (CRAE and CA), their staff and the “Canviem-ho” project are working to:

  • Analyse the situation at the various centres in relation to sexist attitudes, beliefs and behaviour and male violence against women.
  • Analyse the tools and resources for detecting, preventing and intervening in situations of gender violence, as well as sexist attitudes, beliefs and behaviour at the centres.
  • Equip the professional teams with the tools that enable them to identify and tackle sexist attitudes.
  • Establish protocols for SAH referrals where gender violence is detected among adolescents and young men at the centres.

This joint project has carried out a diagnosis of the difficulties the centres face in relation to sexism and machismo among youths at the centres. This study has resulted in action, training and advice protocols being drawn up so the professional teams can deal with all kinds of situations.