The Barcelona Circuit against Gender Violence is an inter-institutional collaboration project for providing a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary and cross-cutting approach to preventing and detecting gender violence and helping women and children experiencing it to recover and overcome it. It is run and jointly led by Barcelona City Council and the Barcelona Health Care Consortium.

The purpose behind the Barcelona Circuit against Gender Violence is to establish a coordinated system of cooperative and collaborative networking between the various health-care, social, police, judicial and educational services.

The Circuit is centred on a multi-causal, integrated and cross-cutting vision and understanding of the various forms and areas that gender violence occurs in.

Collaboration between the Circuit's professionals, in any of the bodies it comprises, is based on committed, cooperative and coordinated participation that includes networking and co-responsibility for tackling any manifestation of gender violence.

It is aimed at:

  • The staff of services, institutions and organisations that play an active role in preventing and identifying gender violence and in helping its victims recover from and overcome it.

Documents worked in 2021:

  • Final report [Cat ] Crisis Cabinet for the femicide of July 14, 2020 in Barcelona.
  • Good treatment guide / L'Eixample [Cat]: recommendations for people who have in their immediate environment a woman who lives or has lived sexist violence or a man who has exercised or exerted sexist violence.