Barcelona hosts International Conference on “Feminist Politics: perspectives and challenges”

21/01/2023 - 10:24

Barcelona hosts International Conference on “Feminist Politics: perspectives and challenges”

The conference will take place on Tuesday 24 January and will bring together leading figures in this field to debate and share experiences on intersectional gender mainstreaming and feminist resistance to anti-gender movements.

Barcelona is hosting the first international conference on the perspectives and challenges posed by feminist politics. The event, organised by Barcelona City Council, will take place on 24 January at the Born Culture and Memory Centre and will be attended by leading figures in the field. To attend, you must book in advance by emailing:

Gender mainstreaming means integrating the gender perspective into all policy levels, stages and dimensions. It is a method for reducing the gender inequalities that persist in our cities. To make them fairer, more liveable and feminist places.

Faced with the current challenges in the form of multiple crises (care, economic, health, sustainability, etc.), and violent, demagogic and anti-gender offensives, gender mainstreaming with an intersectional perspective is more necessary than ever. That’s why Barcelona City Council is promoting forums such as the “Feminist Politics: perspectives and challenges” conference.

The opening lecture will be given by Myra Marx Ferree, Alice H. Cook Professor of Sociology and a member of the Gender and Women’s Studies Department at Wisconsin-Madison University. There will also be two interesting roundtable discussions. The speakers at the first, on “Gender Mainstreaming in Institutional Politics” will be: Miren Elgarresta, Director of the Basque Emakunde Women’s Institute; María Eugenia Rodríguez, a member of the European Parliament and Vice-Chair of the Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Committee; Sonia Ruiz, Director of Gender Services and Time Policies at Barcelona City Council; and Encarna Bodelón, Director-General of the Legal Studies and Specialised Training Centre attached to the Catalan Ministry of Justice. The second roundtable, entitled “Feminist Politics in the face of Forces opposed to Equality and Democracy”, is made up by: Malin Björk, a member of the European Parliament and Vice-Chair of Intergroup on LGBTI Rights; Neil Datta, Secretary of the European Parliamentary Forum on Sexual and Reproductive Rights; Noelia Igareda, Philosophy of Law Professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona; Andrea Krizsan, Professor of Public Policy and Gender Studies at the Central European University; Mieke Verloo, Professor of Comparative Politics and Inequality at Radboud University and Emanuela Lombardo, Professor of Political Science at the Complutense University of Madrid.

The Deputy Mayor for Social Rights, Global Justice, Feminism and LGBTI, Laura Pérez, will open the conference, and the city CEO, Sara Berbel, will close it.

Check out the full Conference Programme.