Municipal facilities with the gender perspective

12/07/2021 - 15:55

Facilities. A document from the City Council responds to the gender divide in the use of municipal spaces.

A new government measure promotes breastfeeding spaces and adapted furniture, training for municipal staff on the gender perspective, protocols for preventing and tackling sexist violence and more.

The new measure seeks centres which are connected with their surroundings, accessible and flexible buildings for various activities, more green areas, breastfeeding spaces and adapted furniture, training on the gender perspective for municipal staff, the promotion of a network of toilets and municipal care spaces, plus protocols to prevent and tackle sexist violence. Efforts will also focus on making indoor spaces more comfortable, well-lit, with natural temperature control, soundproofing and clearly defined routes around buildings.

These are just some of the actions set out in the new municipal government measure to introduce the gender perspective into the design and management of municipal facilities. According to a study, a gender divide exists, showing a clear pattern of unequal percentages in terms of women’s use of different facilities.

Specifically, 75% more women than men use everyday neighbourhood shops and specialist establishments such as banks and primary healthcare centres. The percentage of women who use centres for the elderly and education centres is also high (25-30% of the female population), as well as social services and libraries (15-20%), in both cases, higher percentages than among the male population. In contrast, the difference oscillates between just 1% and 10% when it comes to leisure and recreational facilities.

Besides establishing a new methodology for study and assessment, the proposal sets out a series of recommendations for designs to be developed in the future.