The Plural Masculinities Centre attracts over 2,800 people

19/12/2022 - 15:48

Feminism and women. The centre held 280 activity sessions in its first year.

In its first year of activity, the Plural Masculinities Centre organised over 280 sessions with activities to foster more respectful models of behaviour, prevent sexist violence towards women and involve men in gender equity and equality. In all, 2.861 users took part in the sessions.

The centre organised 67 awareness activities, which 1,576 people took part in. In 60% of cases, this was the first time participants had taken part in an activity linked to this sphere. In terms of the support programme against violence, the Plural Masculinities Centre attended to 482 men and provided individual support in 1,600 cases and group support in over 100.

The workshops, talks, cultural activities, training and conferences centred on different areas of work, notably awareness about male violence towards women and the promotion of positive upbringing models. Work was also done to review new models of masculinity, the social change they generate and the involvement of men in gender justice.

In parallel, the participation and dissemination platform Decidim Masculinitats was also set up as a virtual channel for generating participatory processes, consulting training at the centre, reserving space for activities, forums for debate and more. The channel saw 803 people take part and has over 200 subscribers.

The second Plural Masculinity Meeting puts the icing on the cake for the first year

The centre marked its first anniversary with the second Plural Masculinity Meeting, inviting reflection on masculine sexuality, its implications for personal lives and relationships, family and social ties through various round tables. Some 170 people took part.