Urban information

Urban information includes building conditions (number of permitted floors, depth, threshold separation, etc.), types of permitted use (housing, residential, commercial, industrial, medical, etc.), possible incorporation into general or local systems (roads, parks, equipments, forest parks, etc.) and expropriation and land division systems to fully develop the planning. All these conditions are given by urban planning.


What can I find on the website?

Urban Information Portal (PIU)

This application integrates in a single tool the contents about Planning, Qualifications and Agreements, the Architectural Heritage, and the Urban Plan.

Cartographic Information Centre (in Catalan and Spanish)

Check this map if you want to know the urban qualification of a plot, the field codes and the identification number of the listed elements.

General Metropolitan Plan Regulation (in Catalan)

You can chek the updated regulation concerning the General Metropolitan Plan on this link to the Barcelona Metropolitan Area.


What if I want further information?

Online help (in Catalan and Spanish)

You can do a basic search concerning urban information on the Internet.

Urban reports and certificates (in Catalan and Spanish)

You can apply for a certificate or report including building conditions, types of permitted use and possible uses.

Face-to-face appointment to get information (in Spanish)

You can make, modify and/or cancel and appointment the to get information about planning and qualifications or urban uses. You can also check planning and management models.


Remember that the initially approved documentation is for free consultation during the public exhibition period. You can consult it from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 1 pm at the Department of Information and Documentation (Av. Diagonal, 230 2nd floor).

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