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8 March, International Women's Day

For 8 March this year, we stand up for Barcelona’s feminist memory by recognising women past and present who have driven the fight for women’s rights in the city. Inspired by the artistic project by Rebecca Solnit, the City of Women campaign is a tribute which draws attention to women and our struggles in public space.

For 8M this year, more than ever, historical memory has a woman’s name!


City of women

Presenting sixteen public spaces in the city that take women’s names

Women, their stories and their struggles have historically been excluded from Barcelona’s street name index, from the narrative of our shared historical memory as a city. The names of streets, squares and monuments all too often respond to a patriarchal conception of the city’s historical memory, intersected by class and people’s origins. But public space must be able to represent us all, and that means continuing to reverse the imbalance and the lower presence of women’s names given to heritage elements, streets and squares in Barcelona.

The street name index must reflect the city we live in and the city we want to move towards, and in Barcelona there is a shortage of women, diverse origins and subordinate classes and an abundance of aristocrats, politicians, owners and saints.

During the month of March, we are presenting sixteen new public spaces in the city that take women’s names.

The irrepressible desire for freedom: standing up for sexual freedom in all its diversity

Every year, to mark International Women's Day, Barcelona City Council calls for entries for the 8 March - Maria Aurèlia Capmany Award, which focuses on an issue with a social and gender impact. For this 37th edition, the topic we have chosen is “The irrepressible desire for freedom”, the intention of which is to make a call for women’s sexual freedom in all its diversity, a topic which is still taboo in our society.

The ceremony for the Jury Award and the Public Award will take place on 18 March in the Espai Josep Bota at the Fabra i Coats complex in the district of Sant Andreu.

Marking International Women’s Day with “Las Karamba”

Las Karamba will be tasked with adding the festive flavour to this year’s celebrations for International Women’s Day. The concert is in the Espai Josep Bota at the Fabra i Coats complex on 18 March 2023, at 7.15 pm. Admission is free until the venue reaches its full capacity.

Las Karamba are an all-woman band whose members comes from different places around the world: Venezuela, Cuba, Catalonia, Panama and Argentina. They draw inspiration from their multi-cultural roots to blend Latin rhythms. Their lyrics are littered with personal experiences, which always offer a women’s vision and will have us dancing to the beat of the feminist cause.

Women, dance, laughter, resistance

In solidarity with struggles lead by women around the globe, El Born CCM is offering three events focused on women’s resistance and how it interacts with the zest for life that humour and music provide.

Under the slogan “Women, dance, laughter, resistance”, the intention is to visibilise this resistance and shout out the implicit joy in the words of Emma Goldman, “If I can't dance to it, it's not my revolution”.


Barcelona unveils the plaque in Rosalind Franklin's square

29/03/2023 - 19:41

Women and science. The public space recognises the work of the London chemist and crystallographer, who played a key role in the discovery of the double helix structure of DNA and in the advancement of science.

The 8 March Award goes to a project to highlight the sexual rights of women with functional diversity

18/03/2023 - 20:40

Feminism. The organisation SIDA STUDI wins the award with the initiative “El teu cos, el teu camp de plaer”.

Over 400 participants as Barcelona hosts its first Congress of Feminist Economics

13/03/2023 - 12:19

Feminism. The international meeting is being held at the Nau Bostik in Sant Andreu from 16 to 18 March.

Barcelona, City of Women

08/03/2023 - 12:20

Feminism. Over 150 metro and FGC stations in Barcelona get symbolically named after women.

March 8 Agenda

Check out the activities planned for Barcelona’s neighbourhoods and districts to commemorate International Women’s Day.

Concentració del 8 de març del 2021
Premi 8 de Març - Maria Aurèlia Capmany
Concentració del 8 de març del 2021
Concentració del 8 de març del 2021
Premi 8 de Març - Maria Aurèlia Capmany
Concentració del 8 de març del 2021