Plural en Xarxa [Plural in Network] aims to foster participation and joint leadership in projects with other city services and stakeholders, in order to generate initiatives and programmes with other city stakeholders and institutions that work on masculinities.

Only by sharing our experiences and differences will we be able to open up new employment opportunities to create a fairer, more equitable city for everyone. The Plural Masculinities Centre is also a place where the various city stakeholders and services can actively take part in the transformation of relational models based on hegemonic masculinity.

In this regard, Plural offers:

  1. Advice and consultancy for city services and stakeholders in order to improve intervention strategies and working with the masculine population.With this advice and consultancy, we aim to address the more specific needs of various city services, organisations and stakeholders. It is necessary to foster improvement in the practices and social interventions of these services in order to promote gender equity and awareness-raising in regard to sexism and gender violence, or to facilitate the promotion of activities relating to the work on masculinities.
    These are shared work and support spaces where specialists offer support for carrying out projects and activities with a gender perspective, in order to work with the masculine population. The objective is to generate common synergies that reinforce networking.
  2. Joint leadership in the planning of shared projects and actions with other city services, with the aim of generating common initiatives and programmes and reinforcing networking with city stakeholders and institutions, in order to reach the maximum number of young people and adults in Barcelona.The comprehensive projects are an instrument for transferring knowledge and practices among services, facilitating a comprehensive perspective towards people we attend and enriching our intervention.
    One example is the Paternity Preparation Groups project.
  3. Creation of community committees among stakeholders and organisations in order to strengthen a feeling of community among various social stakeholders in the city, in order to further work on masculinities and social change.
  4. Uses of the Plural Masculinities Centre spaces by organisations. If you need a place to meet and carry out an activity, Plural will provide you with a space to do so.

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