Every year since 1987, Barcelona City Council has called for nominations for the 8 March Award, which is named after Maria Aurèlia Capmany as a tribute to the great Catalan writer, to commemorate International Women's Day.

The first aim of the award is to acknowledge initiatives and projects conceived to make Barcelona a city free of male violence. The second aim of the award is to offer economic resources and institutional support to help set up the winning projects.

Target population
Non-profit natural or legal persons, associations and entities from the city of Barcelona.

2023: 37th edition of the award

Adopting the slogan “The irrepressible desire for freedom”, the 2023 award aims to support projects that advance the sexual freedom of women in all their diversity and to guarantee their sexual and reproductive rights.

Awards ceremony

The awards ceremony was held in the Espai Josep Bota at the Fabra i Coats site, in the district of Sant Andreu, on Saturday, 18 March, 2023, at 6 pm.

The ceremony included a brief dance performance from the group Mediante la Danza, followed by a concert from Las Karamba.

The ceremony was presented by the actress Babeth Ripoll. Further information