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Human Rights Resource Centre

The Human Rights Resource Centre aims to be a benchmark space for the city's residents, associations network and authorities working in the field of human rights and its guarantees, based on the principle of equality and non-discrimination. 

IT GATHERS DOCUMENTS AND RESOURCES and disseminates them openly and accessibly, with the goal of:

  • Complementing the work of people involved in academic research and specialisation
  • Disseminating human rights and its guarantees, raising awareness among and informing the population in general through education and social teaching

IT ORGANISES TRAINING on discrimination and human rights.

IT ADVISES on human rights, from a municipalist perspective, connected to the territory and its civic fabric and associations’ network.

IT OVERSEES compliance with the protocols of the human rights-based approach in documents and in the field of municipal action.

A specific service offered is the Human Rights Defenders School, where training is given to individuals and entities dedicated to the defense of human rights, promoting the active role of citizens in their defense.



Access to new technologies: a right that violates other rights?


Women’s rights (III), in practice


Contributing to make justice fairer: strategic litigation

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Training and awareness-raising
Documentary space
City of Rights

This space provides you with local training sessions on human rights being given in Barcelona.

Training Calendar

Dissemination and knowledge of the legal and theoretical frameworks that surround human rights are fundamental for requiring their political compliance while also raising awareness among and educating city residents in respecting and promoting them. The Resource Centre has a bibliographic collection available with documents that can be consulted.

If you prefer, you can also access several documentary collections online, classified according to type: legal papers, studies and reports, and awareness-raising resources.

Legal documents

Universal Human Rights Tools


European-level regional mechanisms

Awareness-raising resources


Manual El Petit Compàs: Manual d’educació en drets humans per a infants!: A manual aimed at educational professionals, from both the area of formal education and the entities that work using informal educational methods intended to offer guidance and ideas on how to work on knowledge, tools and attitudes for the knowledge, protection and defence of human rights. This is a translation and adaptation of the education manual on human rights from the Council of Europe that the community of educators in the European area have been successfully using over the last few years.

Material published by AHEAD: Association of Educators in Human Rights


Maleta refugi: A collection of educational tools and resources for various educational stages, to combat the main rumours against and stereotypes of refugees and contribute to encouraging the inclusion of this collective in our society. It is also aimed at debunking discriminatory and xenophobic speeches appearing in some municipalities and at promoting solidarity and justice attitudes.

Material published by the Catalan Commission for Refugee Aid (2017). Authors: Montse Lòpez and Elena Díez Villagrasa


Cities Defending Human Rights: This is a project coordinated by the Catalan Development Cooperation Fund, with Catalan municipalities and other institutions taking part. The project is aimed at introducing the work being carried out by human rights defenders to all the residents of the participant municipalities while raising awareness of the need to integrate the defence of human rights in our daily work. This link provides you with a dossier of educational files intended as a box containing important learning tools for acquiring knowledge on humans rights and enabling, above all, young people to develop the skills and attitudes needed for promoting and championing human rights.

Material promoted by the Catalan Development Cooperation Fund. Author: Montse López Amat


Human Rights. Educational directory: Directory of educational material prepared for the purposes of providing teachers and lecturers with educational material to facilitate their educational work on human rights in four specific areas: prisoners of conscience, the death penalty, torture and fair trials.

Material published by the Educational Group at Amnesty International Catalonia


Education for peace files: A selection of suitable dynamics and games for working on Education for Peace. These are activities that are especially suitable for leisure educational centres (youth clubs, groups, civic centres etc.) and for schools.

Material published by Fundipau.


A Human Rights Resource Centre working in synergy with the city's facilities and associations, and cross-referencing with other human rights resource centres. As a space at the service of the city, it is aimed at disseminating and raising the profile of the work being done by associations, collectives and institutions in human rights. It therefore gives everyone access to their services and resources while promoting mutual knowledge and networking.

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