For the municipal elections of 28 May 2023, the information in this section will be updated as the corresponding decrees are published.

About us

Barcelona Cicle de l’Aigua, SA (BCASA) is the company created by the city council to manage the entire water cycle in Barcelona and to provide activities directly or indirectly related to this cycle, the beaches, the coastline and the environment. The company was approved at the plenary of the city council on October 28, 2013 and it is attached to Environment and Urban Services section at Ecology, Urban Planning and Mobility. BCASA operates under the leadership, supervision and control of Direcció de Serveis del Cicle de l'Aigua (DSCA).

Mission and functions

In order to meet citizens' needs, the city intervention in the natural water cycle is critical to maintaining the sewer and drain water retention system, the water supply network in relation to municipal water consumption (public fountains, ornamental lakes, irrigation, sewer cleaning, etc.), the beaches, etc. Ajuntament de Barcelona addresses this challenge through BCASA to provide a service that prioritizes quality, effectiveness and efficiency making a difference for Barcelona in the field of the water cycle.

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