Institut del Paisatge Urbà

For the municipal elections of 28 May 2023, the information in this section will be updated as the corresponding decrees are published.

About us

Institut del Paisatge Urbà i la Qualitat de Vida (IMPUQV) is a local autonomous body established by unanimous agreement of the plenary of the city council on June 27, 1997. This municipal institute is responsible for the management and rationalization of public space and urban landscapes.

The institute is managed by a governing council. It is an active member in the advisory council of the Landscape Observatory, the Noise Bureau and the Commission for Public Space

Mission and Functions

Institut del Paisatge Urbà i la Qualitat de Vida (IMPUQV watches over the landscape values of the city through the municipal ordinance on urban landscape, coordinating the activities of all bodies involved in the improvement of public space. It processes all grants for renovation and improvement of the building stock, special subsidies for sustainable development and a better quality of life as well as the grants program specifically targeting traders as part of the campaign "Barcelona, posa't guapa"; a municipal initiative for improving the urban landscape . It promotes the participation of civil society and the private sector in the preservation and dissemination of the values of the urban landscape. The origins of the IMPUQV date back to 1986 with the launching of the municipal campaign "Barcelona, posa't guapa" (Barcelona, Make Yourself Beautiful). Over the years, this initiative has become an important project of transformation and improvement in the city.

The Joint Committee on Urban Landscape Protection issues reports to interpret the ordinance on uses of the urban landscape in cases of doubts about its application, such as in cases of new placement of street furniture and other municipal facilities, advertising licenses as well as identification of party walls, coping and roofs for temporary works in the public space. It ensures the proper management of the urban landscape and its development and maintenance in a sustainable way. IMPUQV promotes and reports the call for tenders by transferring sponsored advertising space in the public domain.

Joint Comission

The IMPUQV acts as the secretariat of the Joint Committee on Urban Landscape Protection, approved by decree of the mayor on April 14, 2014. The Joint Committee is an advisory body attached to IMPUQV featuring participation in both social and professional sectors.

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