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Municipal Institute of Urban Planning

For the municipal elections of 28 May 2023, the information in this section will be updated as the corresponding decrees are published.

About us

The Municipal Institute of Urban Planning is an independent local body with its own legal status and administrative autonomy for achieving its objectives.

The Institute, approved by the Full Barcelona City Council meeting of 14 October, 2005, is attached to the Urban Planning Department of the Ecology, Urban Planning and Mobility Area.

What we do

The Institute is responsible for carrying out any actions that are directly or indirectly related to the management of urban planning projects approved by municipal bodies, through any urban planning implementation system, on behalf of the City Council and in accordance with municipal powers.

It is therefore in charge of all necessary urban-development work, and of formalising the acquisition of land and the transfer, constitution and modification of all manner of rights over movable and immovable property.

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