Municipal Institute of Parks and Gardens

About us

In compliance with local-government regulatory legislation and the Barcelona Charter, the Barcelona Institute of Parks and Gardens is set up as a Barcelona City Council local public business institution in order to provide services and other activities, with the basic objectives of conserving and improving all Barcelona City Council's parks and gardens, woodland areas and trees and garden installations in streets and squares, as well as creating new green areas with plants of all kinds.

The Institute, which was approved by the Municipal Full Council during the ordinary session held on 28 June 2002, and modified on 14 October 2005, is part of the Deputy Manager's Office for Ecology and Urban Services.

What we do

The Institute administers and promotes the city's green areas and the environment. This means it is responsible for remodelling, constructing, conserving and maintaining Barcelona's urban parks and gardens, the city's trees, benches and play areas.

It is also tasked with giving advice and training on gardening skills and organising production, by means of the repair and maintenance workshops given by its teams, as well as producing reports and carrying out quality control checks on all urban projects involving green areas and trees.

Collective Agreement (2011-2015):

Selection procedures study materials:

Recruitment processes

The Institute's recruitment processes are published on Barcelona City Council's Public sector job vacancies page.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board for the Municipal Institute of Parks and Gardens is made up of 12 members.

Organisational Chart

Official information on the new organisation will be published on this page as it becomes available.

Eloi Badia (CV) is president of the Institute and Francesc Gimenez (CV) is the general manager. Their salaries and CVs are published on the City Council's transparency portal.

The first level structure of the Institute, effective as of 1 October 2020, consists of 4 directorates:

  • The Conservation Services Directorate is tasked with directing, coordinating and managing the city's green spaces, trees and planters, as well as the internal logistics associated with such management (nurseries, machinery and vehicles).
  • The Technical Services and Planning Directorate is responsible for establishing the technical parameters (design, management, planning, etc.), the tools and strategic plans to guide and develop the management of green spaces and their associated infrastructure, linking the world of conservation with that of training, participation and the revitalisation of green spaces.
  • The General Services Directorate is responsible for administering the resources made available by the Institute's Management Board in order to achieve the designated objectives, related to human resources, economic and administrative management, legal services, the management of the buildings and facilities assigned to the Institute, as well as IT and information processing services.
  • The Cross-Departmental Services Directorate together with the Urban Ecology Management Department is responsible for guaranteeing the coverage of the cross-departmental services of the Urban Ecology Management Department and the City Council, in relation to and on behalf of the Institute, as well as for the quality of the various certified processes to which it is committed.

The Institute does not pay compensation for any dismissal that is not established in the Workers’ Statute.

Union delegates

Information concerning the timetables and costs of union delegates is published on the City Council's transparency portal.


Information concerning procurement is published on the City Council's transparency website, together with information on other bodies linked to the City Council.


The Institute has agreements with some organisations. They can be consulted here.


The initial and settled budget is published on the City Council's transparency portal, together with those for the other public body companies that are dependent on the City Council.

Access to public information

The City Council has a channel which you can use to find or ask for information. 

Grants and subsidies

The Municipal Institute of Parks and Gardens does not award grants and subsidies.

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