Av Meridiana renovation process

Avinguda Meridiana

Following a review of the role of Av Meridiana in the city, which allowed the ring roads to be built and involved the first "smartening up" of the avenue, we believe this strategic city axis requires further improvements , between Plaça de les Glòries and the Nus de la Trinitat junction.

The aims behind these improvements are to turn the avenue into a benchmark civic axis and a green avenue that invites the public to enjoy its greenery, children's recreation areas and urban furniture, rather than see it as a barrier dividing neighbourhoods. The changes will have to include traffic calming as well as the necessary measures to prioritise and facilitate the use of public transport, separate bike lanes and reclaim pavements for pedestrians.

It will also require a comprehensive changes to the street lights, the layout of urban furniture, children's recreations areas and the current green areas, to help make the avenue more human and more welcoming.

To that end, and for the purposes of working with local associations on the strategies and criteria that will have to guide future redevelopment, a participation committee has been set up for the Av Meridiana project, grouping together politicians, technical experts and local residents.

Participatory structure and players involved

The members of the Meridiana Participation Committee, which meets from time to time, include associations, municipal technical staff, party groups and the municipal government.

The Monitoring Committee is made up by the following associations: Sant Martí:  Clot - Camp de l'Arpa RA; Camp de l'Arpa Residents' Association and Retailers' Association; Federation of Clot and Camp de l’Arpa Associations; Sant Andreu: Navas RA, Congrés-Indians RA; Maragall Hub; Congrés-Indians Union of Shopkeepers; La Sagrera RA; SAC (La Sagrera Retailers' Association); Meridiano Cero RA; Sant Andreu Palomar RA; Sant Andreu Nord RA; Sant Andreu Sud RA; Sant Andreu Residents' Platform; Sant Andreu Hub; Sant Andreu Nord Retailers' Association; Trinitat Vella RA; Trinitat Vella Retailers' Association; Nou Barris: Nou Barris Associations Coordinating Committee; Porta RA; Prosperitat RA; Trinitat Nova RA; Trinitat Nova Open Committee; Vallbona RA; Ciutat Meridiana RA; Torre Baró RA; Vilapicina and Torre Llobeta RA; Maragall Hub and Fabra i Puig Hub.

The city associations taking part include: three associations from the Barcelona Urban Planning Neighbourhood Committee; three associations from the Barcelona Mobility Pact (with a special emphasis on bicycle and public transport groups); three associations from the Citizen Council for Sustainability; a representative from the Municipal Institute for People with Disabilities (IMD) and the Catalan Architects' Association.

Workshops, public sessions and working sessions: during 2017, a reflection on the improvement of the cross-sectional axes that cross it opened, accompanying the reflection on the reform of the avenue, in order to facilitate the connection between the neighborhoods from both sides of the axis and boost its citizen uses.