Ronda de Sant Antoni

Ronda de Sant Antoni

The Ronda de Sant Antoni has a bright future ahead of it thanks to the withdrawal of the temporary market tents that have occupied a large part of this street in the last few years. Barcelona’s City Council wants to transform this street by creating more pedestrian space, wider pavements, a two-way bike lane and a single traffic lane in each direction. Pedestrians, bicycles and public transport will then take precedence on the future Ronda de Sant Antoni.

The renovation project has been divided into two phases, between Urgell and Floridablanca and between Floridablanca and Plaça Universitat. There will be two participatory information sessions with local residents and retailers in March to present the plans for the first section, between Urgell and Floridablanca. During these sessions, the opinion of all the players involved will be collected and their proposals examined to complete the final project. According to forecasts, the work in this first phase will begin during the last quarter of 2018 with a planned duration of one year.

The renovation of the Ronda is one of the main projects that affect the Sant Antoni neighbourhood, together with the reopening of the old market and the superblock that is being rolled out in the surrounding area.

Participatory structure and players involved

The Ronda de Sant Antoni redevelopment interacts with both the remodelling of the Mercat de Sant Antoni and the superblock that has been designed in the neighbourhood. For that reason, the Ronda has been a prominent issue in the participatory processes that have accompanied these two transformations.

More specifically, information sessions open to local residents have been held, in each district. One in Eixample, at the Neighbourhood Council meeting in December, and another in Ciutat Vella in February 2018.

Finally, two working sessions will be held in March to share and debate the proposal with organizations and associations involved in the project, to get the views of retailers and residents closest to the Ronda.

The organizations invited to form the working group are SAC Sant Antoni Comerç / Comerciants de la Ronda St. Antoni, AVV Sant Antoni, Federation of Entities Calabria 66, De Veí a Veí and the FEM Sant Antoni group representing the Eixample district, and from Ciutat Vella the AMPA CEIP Castellà, AMPA Escola Pia, Asociación Cultural de Filipinos en Barcelona, Ass. Eix Comercial del Raval, Associació de Comerciants i Veïns del carrer Tallers i Rodalies, Associació de Comerciants Pelai i Rodalies, Associació de Comerciants Riera Alta, Associació de Veïns Barri del Raval, Associació Juvenil TEB, Associació Teatral Tealtre PA’TOTHOM, AV i Comerciants de la Taula de Raval, AV i Comerciants dels Carrer de la Cera, Casal de joves Calassanç, Centro Aragonés de Barcelona, Centro Filipino Tuluyan San Benito, Col·legi Públic Ruben Dario, Eix Sant Gil, Escola Castellà, Escola de Puntaires de Barcelona, Escola Pia Sant Antoni, Esglèsia Evangèlica del Carrer de la Cera, Fundació Privada Taller de Músics i la Societat Coral Girasol.


Informative Session (27 November 2018):


Informative Session (10 November 2018):


Second work session (22 March 2018):


First work session (07 March 2018):